Government shows appreciation to nurses with cutbacks

NDP Health Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Health Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says government has a strange way of showing appreciation to some of its hardest, least acknowledged workers. Rogers says budget cuts affecting nurses will hit those in the profession hard.

“It is Nurse Appreciation Week. The Minister directed the regional health authorities to cut at least 125 management positions, the majority of which will be nurse managers in the front lines,” said Rogers during Question Period in the House of Assembly today.
“Has the Minister done an impact assessment or requested one, on how these cuts will affect patient care and RN workloads? And will the minister table that assessment?”


The NDP Health Critic also drew attention to the vital issue of professional development and ongoing training.

“Professional development is a key issue for attracting and retaining nurses. It helps nurses be current in their areas of expertise and benefits patient care,” Rogers said.

“This past year the Minister issued a moratorium to all regional health authorities to discontinue all funding of registration, travel and leave replacement for professional development for nurses.

“I ask the Minister what exactly is the policy on ongoing professional development?”

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