Methadone program failing patients, families

NDP MHA Gerry Rogers (St. John’s Centre) brought the plight of desperate constituents to the House of Assembly today. These are people who want to end their addictions, and feel government programs and policies have let them down.

“Mr. Speaker, mothers and fathers are calling me in absolute desperation trying to get help for their sons who have been kicked off Methadone treatment and are now trying to detox themselves at home,” Rogers said. “Their sons are afraid, saying they fear they are going to die. Their parents are afraid. They are in a living hell.

“Mr. Speaker, there is an 18 month wait list for the Methadone Treatment program and the private doctors won’t take these patients back or wait list them.

“Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister of Health, what am I to tell these families to do? What am I to tell these sons who are pleading for help to do?” Rogers asked.

The MHA chastised the government for the long wait times for people fighting severe drug addictions. “If they were diagnosed with an illness they wouldn’t have to wait 18 months to get into a treatment program. Not treating these people in a timely manner means more crime and prolonged suffering,” she said. “Mr. Speaker, what concretely is this government going to do to shorten the wait times for Methadone treatment for those who need it?”

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