Government failing children with autism spectrum disorder

NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) spoke today in the House of Assembly of the regular and increasing number of calls he gets from “desperate parents whose children have autism spectrum disorder.”

Kirby said, “The parents tell us that students with autism spectrum disorder are not getting the supports they need in school and, as a result, they are falling behind in key achievement areas such as reading and mathematics.

“Will the Minister of Education tell us what this government is doing to support students with autism in our schools? What's the plan to help these students?”

Autism spectrum disorder requires ongoing active intervention, and is one area where the policy of inclusive education has failed, according to parents. Kirby says they have seen very little in the way of new supports for the students.

“When will this government admit its dismal failure to provide services for students with autism, and get serious about helping these students receive the supports they need?” asked Kirby.

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