Budget will slow economy – Rogers asks about job creation

St. John's Centre NDP MHA Gerry Rogers

In this year’s budget speech, government admitted that the drastic measures it contains will be a big part of the province’s projected economic slowdown over the next few years.

Today in the House of Assembly, St. John’s Centre NDP MHA Gerry Rogers went looking for answers on whether government had any ideas at all on creating jobs in the province.

“The unemployment rate for Newfoundland and Labrador is 15 per cent,” Rogers said during Question Period.

“On page five of her Budget Speech the Minister actually said their austerity measures will contribute to slowing the economy and reduce jobs by 15 per cent by 2021.

“I ask the Premier, what does he expect the unemployment rate to be one year from now?”

During last fall’s election, the Liberal platform and candidates spoke about economic diversification as a key way of improving the province’s financial outlook, but Rogers says there is little sign of anything like that in the post-election reality.

“In her Budget Speech, the Minister laid out absolutely no plans for job creation,” said Rogers. “The people of Newfoundland and Labrador want to work!

“I ask the Premier what is his concrete plan for job creation and how many jobs does he plan to create?”

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