Deer Lake residents face mold, flooding; want Deer Lake Power canal checked

NDP Municipal Affairs Critic George Murphy

NDP Municipal Affairs Critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) asked questions on behalf of a group of Deer Lake residents in the House of Assembly today. The homeowners are dealing with flooded properties; some of their homes also have mold problems which they feel are related.

“Some residents of Deer Lake are deeply concerned with a rising water table and constantly flooding properties. They believe that there is a fault with Deer Lake Power’s canal that diverts water along the affected area that is leading to severe mold problems for some and flooding properties to others,” Murphy said in the House of Assembly today.

“Does government know about the problem and what are they doing to address it?”

Murphy says the problem, if it is as big as some residents feel it is, may require provincial help.

“While some consider this to be a municipal matter, this may require a lot of money from the municipality to fix,” he said. “Will government step in with assistance to both the municipality as well as the residents there to investigate the Deer Lake Power canal situation?”

Some scientific input may also be in order, the NDP MHA says.

“Will government look at putting in place a hydrology study of the area to look at solutions to the problem that some Deer Lake residents find themselves dealing with?” he wanted to know.

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