Environment critic asks about tire stockpiles and drinking water

George Murphy

NDP Environment and Conservation critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) had questions about boil water orders and tire recycling in the House of Assembly today.

Murphy cited Alberta which gives incentives to companies who recycle tires into other products such as walking tracks, rubber mats, and asphalt.

“Rather than waiting to ship these tires to Quebec,” Murphy asked, “Why hasn’t the government taken action and created incentives for industry to use these tires and create jobs in this province?”

Murphy also addressed the long-standing problem of clean drinking water, saying, “At any given moment in this province, there are over 100 boil water advisories issued by the government. Many of these boil water advisories have existed for years and many people have had to resort to using bottled water or springs and other untested water supplies.

“Mr. Speaker, it is unacceptable to expect people to continue living this way, so what is the government plan to address this ongoing problem?” asked Murphy.


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