Rogers wants answers on government’s plans for families, children

NDP Child, Youth and Family Services critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) wants to know what government is doing to protect children and provide support for at-risk families.

Today in the House of Assembly, Rogers questioned proposed living arrangements for children who have been removed from their families by Child, Youth and Family Services officials.

“Hundreds of children have been apprehended and placed in hotels in Alternative Living Arrangements for the last five years. The Department is finally trying to recruit more foster parents,” Rogers said in the House.

“But they are also proposing a so-called framework for staffed residential facilities. I ask the Minister, what are staffed residential facilities and who will operate them?”

Rogers also questioned what the department does to support families of children at risk, noting that research says that removing children from the home is the most “radical” process and “should be the last resort.”

“The Minister has promised more support for parents of children at risk. We see that there will be more supports for foster parents,” Rogers said, “But will the Minister tell us what additional services will be provided for families, to prevent apprehensions and help families stay together in the long term?”


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