Michael brings call for Lab West industrial inquiry to House

NDP Labour Relations Critic Lorraine Michael

NDP Critic for Labour Relations Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says it’s no surprise that the union representing iron ore workers in Labrador West is calling for an industrial inquiry into labour relations at the mine: there are 2400 outstanding grievances, 150 workers scheduled for layoffs, and the union couldn’t even get a meeting with the Premier when he was in the town in February.

Michael brought the concerns of the mine workers to the House of Assembly today during Question Period.

“This evening there will be a major rally in Labrador City to support the 150 workers losing their jobs at IOC,” she said. “In February the premier visited Labrador West and would not meet with the Steelworkers Union that represents the workers.

“Why did the premier not bother to meet with Steelworkers Local 5795?”

Michael calls the premier’s refusal to meet with the union “a slap in the face to the 1400 workers who have helped to put a lot into the provincial coffers,” and wants to know when the premier plans to meet with the union.

“There are currently 2400 outstanding grievances from the union that IOC is ignoring, thereby creating a toxic work environment,” she added.

“I ask the Premier why he hasn’t the answered the Steelworkers’ request for an industrial inquiry to investigate IOC’s poor labour relations?”

She says it is unacceptable that a multinational company can ignore the positive labour relations culture that the Lab West workers have fostered over decades.

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