Rogers calls for leadership from justice minister

NDP Justice Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) asked in the House of Assembly today for the minister of justice to show leadership on two crucial issues rather than waiting to see what other jurisdictions do.

“Recently the minister of justice said in the media that they were ‘monitoring’ other jurisdictions to see how whistle blower legislation works out before they make any decisions,” Rogers said in the House today.

“Mr. Speaker, I think we can all agree that five years of monitoring is long enough. This issue demands leadership and waiting on other jurisdictions is not a satisfactory answer. I ask the Minister, why won’t this government take action to craft their own piece of legislation and protect whistleblowers?”

She says the same approach is being taken to providing human rights protection to a particularly vulnerable group of people.

“The inclusion of gender identity in our Human Rights Act is yet another issue we have been told will take time as the government monitors the work of other jurisdictions,” said Rogers. “The North West Territories has gender identity enshrined in their Human Rights Legislation. The governments of Manitoba and Ontario are taking the necessary steps for theirs.

“Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister, what will it take for this government to lead on this issue and do what is necessary to extend protection to one of the most vulnerable groups in society?”


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