Government shirking its responsibility for mental health care: Rogers

NDP Mental Health Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Mental Health critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says while patients and staff are dealing with the many deficiencies of the available mental health facilities in the province, government apparently has no solid plan to improve matters any time soon.

The Waterford Hospital has been in need of replacement for decades, and reports in the media and from families reinforce the inadequacy of other facilities. Rogers says she recognizes the much-promised new Waterford Hospital will not be a reality for years to come, and she wants to know what government plans to do for mental health treatment in the meantime.

“Government has been promising a new Waterford Hospital for over a decade. It’s still years down the road,” she said in the House of Assembly today. “How many more horror stories do we need to hear? Government is shirking its responsibility and expecting Eastern Health and staff to somehow , what… just cope???

“I ask the Minister what is he going to do to address this crisis at the Waterford until a new hospital is built?”

Rogers says it is shameful that both the Waterford and the psychiatric unit at the much-newer Health Sciences Complex are in appalling physical shape, with the latter having problems ranging from rodent infestation to a regular lack of hot water for showers.

“How could the Minister allow the psychiatric unit at the Health Sciences to be in such disrepair?” Rogers asked.

“I ask the Minister, for God’s sake will he give them what they need to properly take care of our people?”

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