People wait for housing while units sit vacant needing repairs

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says if government is serious about dealing with the province’s housing crisis, it should speed up inspection and repairs of its existing housing units, a growing number of which stand vacant while people languish on waiting lists.

“People desperate for housing cannot move into vacant Newfoundland and Labrador Housing units because growing numbers of the units need maintenance and repair,” Rogers said in the House of Assembly today.

“I ask the Minister how many units are vacant awaiting inspections and when will the work be done?”

Another different problem caused by the lack of NLHC inspectors is the delay to approvals under a program that assists with home repairs – repairs that are ideally done at this time of year.

“Seniors with leaking roofs and windows are waiting to proceed with critical home repairs through the Provincial Home Repair Program but cannot without assessments by Newfoundland and Labrador Housing inspectors. They are being told they have to wait at least eight weeks. Now is the time to do these repairs. This Program is useless if people can’t use it,” said Rogers.

“I ask the Minister what is the hold up and how long will people have to wait?”

Rogers would like to know exactly how many inspectors are on staff at NLHC to do this vital work.

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