No sign of promised home ownership assistance program

NDP MHA Gerry Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) called government out on an election promise today in the House of Assembly.

“Last week, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation issued their new numbers on housing starts and sales. The average price for a new single family home has doubled since 2004 to $350,000 and the price growth has accelerated faster than income factors,” Rogers said in the House today.

“The government in its Blue Book promised a Home Ownership Assistance Program. What has been done to establish this program and when will this program be available to the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador?”

Rogers also asked about government’s plans to evaluate Access to Information requests. “There is a nationally recognized, Supreme Court-endorsed, harms test which is used to decide if releasing corporate information would harm that corporation,” Rogers told the House.

“In response to a question on Bill 29 last week the Minister of Justice said it was not necessary, that government’s amended procedure was better. He noted government’s new, simpler test was in the interest of the economy and the interest of good business to do that.
“Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister of Justice, what about the interests of the people who elected his government?”


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