Turkish government visiting? Murphy asks about Gallipoli caribou

NDP St. John's East MHA George Murphy

NDP St. John’s East MHA George Murphy asked today about the caribou memorial statue originally planned for Gallipoli, but since cancelled by government. Murphy noticed the statue’s elimination from the budget this year. Government eventually said it was not just a financial decision, and that the Turkish government had refused to allow the statue to be placed.

Murphy asked for an update on the situation today in the House of Assembly, given that he’s been told representatives of Turkey will be visiting the province soon.

“Sources tell me that we will be visited in the coming weeks by a delegation representing the Turkish government,” he said.

“I ask the minister, is the placement of a caribou memorial on the site where Newfoundlanders and Labradorians made the supreme sacrifice on the agenda?”

The NDP MHA says other countries such as Australia and New Zealand have memorial sites to their sacrifice in Gallipoli, citing the Australian Lone Pine memorial as an example.

He says it is appalling that Newfoundland and Labrador veterans will be permitted nothing more than a plaque at the site, and that government should push Veterans Affairs and other federal governments to make representation to the Turkish government on this matter.


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