NDP looking for breast cancer testing update

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) wants government to find out what is going on with breast cancer testing for Eastern Health. In February, the then-Health Minister and then-head of Eastern Health held news conferences to reveal problems with testing.

Re-testing revealed that nine women diagnosed last year actually needed different treatment from what had originally been prescribed for them; eight of those women had been wrongly treated with the drug Herceptin.

Testing for breast cancer was being sent to Miami at that time, causing a delay of days or weeks in patients and doctors getting results.

It has been several months since these revelations, says Michael, and it’s time for government to let people know what is going on with breast cancer testing.

“I am hearing, for example, that getting test results back is taking a longer than normal time,” Michael said today. “Are tests still going to Miami? Are they going to Toronto, where we used to send them?”

The NDP leader says patients are under enough stress when facing cancer diagnoses without having to deal with unnecessarily long wait times.

“I would very much like for government to be asking some questions and passing those answers on to the people of the province,” Michael said.

“What is the status with in-house testing? Where are the tests going now? And how much longer are people waiting for results?”

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