Rogers questions Status of Women minister on FVIC closure

NDP Status of Women critic Gerry Rogers

NDP critic for the Status of Women Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) wants to know what the minister responsible for that area did to prevent the closure of the Family Violence Intervention Court earlier this year. The FVIC was abruptly terminated as part of the Conservative government’s slash and burn budget. Unlike other divisions cut by the Department of Justice, it was not reinstated nor was a review ordered of its work.

Rogers, who is also the Justice Critic, was outspoken in her defense of the FVIC, speaking repeatedly on the good work done through the innovative project.

“The Family Violence Intervention Court was a successful program that finally understood the complex dynamics of domestic abuse. It intervened immediately!” Rogers said in the House of Assembly today.

“Women and children were safer, offenders treated and the recidivism rate much lower, with a budget of only $500,000. Zero point two percent of the entire Justice budget! I ask the Minister of the Status of Women what efforts did she make to stop the closure of the Court?”

Rogers says the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women should have been able to appreciate the value of the FVIC and should have spoken up at the cabinet table against the decision to jettison the program.

She called on the minister to demand the FVIC be returned to continue its good work. “I ask the Minister will she demand to have the Court reinstated?” said Rogers.

She also returned to questions which were not answered by the justice minister in the House during the Spring sitting. “Will the Minister release the review that was completed before the Court was closed? Will the Minister release the rationale for closing the court?”

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