Murphy questions delay in implementing ambulance improvements

NDP FES Critic George Murphy

NDP Fire and Emergency Services critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) says government must stop the foot-dragging on the province’s ambulance services, and start work to improve the system. Murphy has been speaking regularly with paramedics; today he brought their concerns to Question Period in the House of Assembly.

“The recent release of the province’s ambulance review speaks to several changes – severe changes – that are needed in order to have more effective patient transfer and care,” Murphy said in the House today. “Paramedics were consulted on the matters involved. Now government has started a new round of consultations. Why?”

The government commissioned a review of ambulance services in 2012 and eventually released the report, after some delays, early in October this year. It has now gone for another round of consultations. Murphy acknowledges the importance of consulting with the public but says the situation for ambulance workers has not improved, and further delays are not helping.

“Questions around ambulance issues have been asked as far back as 1999. The new consultations spell yet further delay implementing a fix,” he said in the House.

“Paramedics are getting tired of the delay. They want relief. When do they get it?”


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