NDP Leader concerned about radiology quality in Gander

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says recent news regarding errors in radiology testing at the Gander hospital is “very disturbing.”

Speaking today in Gander, Ms Michael said, “I have two questions around this issue. The first is, what sort of quality control exists at Central Health, or at James Paton Memorial Hospital, around radiology testing?

“My second question would be, if there is a quality control system in place, is it not used by doctors in locum positions at the hospital? Should these problems not have been picked up before now?”

Officials at Central Health are now reviewing radiology reports from almost 2200 patients in Central Newfoundland. Two patients have reported being harmed by the erroneous reports.

“I am pleased that Central Health is getting information to patients who may have been affected,” said Michael. “But I am very disturbed that it took patient complaints to alert the health authority to the fact something had gone wrong.”

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