Government money subsidizes deplorable boarding houses: Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says government money pays for some of the most sub-standard living conditions in the province. The boarding houses that provide shelter for some of the province’s most vulnerable residents are often in bad repair, even dangerous shape, says Rogers, and are able to continue operating only because they are paid rent directly from government departments which apparently do not enforce any minimum standards.

Today she had pictures to back up her claims.

“Yesterday I asked the Ministers of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, and Health what were they going to do about the situation of very vulnerable people living in deplorable boarding houses that are paid for by hard-earned tax-payers’ money,” Rogers said in Question Period.

“I visited some of those places again today. I have some pretty disturbing pictures. This is a systemic problem and a scandalous misuse of public funds. This is not a single case.

“I ask the Ministers again what are they going to do to make sure these vulnerable people are better supported and public money is better invested?”

Rogers says the problem of substandard boarding and rooming houses could be addressed if government ever tables a new Residential Tenancies Act which specifically includes those types of housing. The legislation was reviewed in a four-year-old report, but successive governments have not moved to take action on introducing new legislation.

Photos taken at a St. John's boarding house can be found here:

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