Economy, employment prospects driving young people away

NDP St. John's Centre MHA Gerry Rogers

The province’s economy is slowing, in part because of government budget cuts, says NDP St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers. Among those hurt the most by the budget are young Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. As their prospects fade, she adds, we run the risk of them moving away, many of them forever. And as far as she can see, government is doing nothing to make it easier for them to stay, but is instead making decisions that are forcing more of them out

“The Labour Market Observer at Memorial University reports the province's unemployment rate for 15 to 24-year-olds increased in September by a whopping 8.8 percentage points for males and 5 percentage points for females,” Rogers said in the House of Assembly today.‎

“These are our young adults with student debt, credit card debt because of school, losing their jobs or unable to find a job. We need our young people to stay and help build our economy. Mr. Speaker this is a growing crisis.

“I ask the Premier, what are his plans to combat youth unemployment and give our young people a chance to make a life for themselves here?”

Rogers says we are giving our young people excellent educations, then offering them no way to use those educations at home.

“I recently spoke with Melissa who is finishing her Master’s degree program. She said she's leaving because in the last Budget, government told her there is no future for her here. She wants to stay. This is her home. And she has a huge student debt load,” said Rogers.

“I ask the Premier, what is he going to do to keep our well-educated young people here once they’ve graduated? Where are the jobs for them?”

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