Not much to celebrate on Liberal government anniversary

NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael

Today marks one year since the election that saw the current Liberal administration handed the reins of government. NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael says that while most anniversaries are reasons to celebrate, she does not see much hope for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador resulting in the change of government.

“Today is the anniversary of last year’s election. Since being elected this government has hammered the people of this province with fees, layoffs and reduced services,” Michael said in Question Period. “In the media today the Premier is quoted as saying he is ‘optimistic about the future.

“I ask the Premier, how can he be optimistic when by the government’s own account their plan will yield a 15% loss of employment and 22% loss of earned income driven by the budget measures that this government has taken this year?”

Michael notes that in addition to the job and income losses included in the budget speech, government has reduced programs and services, increased the burden of fees and levies, cut funding to organizations that do vital work, reneged on election promises, and threatened to close libraries.

“On the anniversary of the election, this province has suffered austerity measures like we have not seen in a long time along with no job strategy and no economic plan to stimulate growth. Yet the Premier is saying that his government is doing a better job at communicating and is optimistic about the future,” said Michael.

“I ask the Premier when will he communicate a jobs strategy – which is the number one issue in this province today?”

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