Labrador and Aboriginal representation glaring omission from Nalcor Board

NDP Critic for the Status of Women Gerry Rogers

If this week’s announcement of new Nalcor board members is any indication, the province is not likely to see any improvement in existing inequities in representation, says NDP St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers. Rogers, who is also the NDP Critic for the Status of Women, says the new board has just three women out of 11 members, no Aboriginal people and nobody who lives in Labrador.

“Nalcor’s major development projects have significant environmental and social impacts on the people of Labrador, yet the Premier has not appointed a single member to the Nalcor Board of Directors from Labrador nor from a Labrador Aboriginal Community,” Rogers said in the House of Assembly today.

“I ask the Premier, who is also Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs how can he justify this glaring omission and what is he committed to do about it?”

In addition to the equity issues, says Rogers, the new Nalcor board is lacking in anyone apart from the Chief Executive Officer who has oversight experience specifically on major hydroelectric projects.

“The Liberty Group identified lack of experience in big hydro projects as a weakness of Nalcor from day one,” she said.

“Why does the new Nalcor Board not include someone with major hydro development experience other than the CEO?”

When the legislation to create the Independent Appointments Commission was debated in the House earlier this year, the NDP wanted it amended to include a requirement for gender balance, diversity, and regional representation in making appointments.

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