Muskrat Falls term sheet should be public: Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) wants to know the terms of the supposed loan guarantee in support of the proposed Muskrat Falls project. She says it is completely unacceptable that the term sheet has not been made public.

“We are no better off right now than we were in 1969 with the Upper Churchill development,” Michael said today. “Control of Muskrat Falls now lies with Emera, a private company.”

Premier Dunderdale joined Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a hastily-called news conference in Goose Bay on Friday afternoon. While the announcement was described as the long-promised federal loan guarantee for the project, it was actually just a term sheet.

“Things can change between term sheets and final agreements,” Michael pointed out. “For example, the original term sheet between Nalcor and Emera on Muskrat Falls said nothing about Emera’s not having to make a final decision on the Maritime Link until 2014. That detail was in the final agreement.”

Over the weekend, it became clear that the actual terms had not been made public, and are not yet available for scrutiny. “This is a clear signal that Muskrat Falls must have an open and dedicated debate in the House of Assembly,” said Michael.

“My most sincere hope is that we will get to examine the actual terms before government asks us to debate anything to do with Muskrat Falls in the House of Assembly,” she added.

“My most sincere fear is that the term sheet will be declared a cabinet document or business proprietary information under the provisions of Bill 29.”

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