Mini debate denies NDP leader full chance to speak

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael was ready to speak for her full 15 minutes in what she admitted was an imperfect setting. Instead of the full week of debate on the Muskrat Falls project, the premier introduced a private member’s motion, limiting debate on the biggest expenditure in the province’s history to a maximum of two hours.

Under most private government member’s motions, a member of the NDP caucus gets 15 minutes to speak. Today, because of repeated proposed amendments and points of order, that time was truncated to just seven minutes.

“I was outraged at the format of this debate,” said Michael. “I am even more outraged now that, as the leader of an opposition party, I get only seven minutes to speak,” she said.

“If the government had offered a real debate, everybody would have had a chance to speak. This government has manipulated this process from the beginning.”

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