NDP asks about PAC, help for sealing industry

Christopher Mitchelmore, NDP MHA for The Straits-White Bay North, had a couple of suggestions for government today in the House of Assembly. Mitchelmore, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee, had a question about the make-up of that committee.

“This province’s Public Accounts Committee is intended to be a watchdog over the administration of public funds,” he said in the House. “The Minister of Advanced Education and skills has cast a pall over the Deputy Chair of the Public Accounts Committee by referring the activities of the botched Bell Island ABE program to the RNC without any explanation.

“I ask the Premier, will she appoint another member of the House to the Public Accounts Committee until such time that the air is cleared in this matter?”

Mitchelmore also wanted to know if the sealing industry will receive government assistance this year.

“Last year government made investments to bring stability to last year’s sealing market. The 2013 sealing season will soon be upon us. The trade barriers and other negative market forces hanging over the sealing industry remain,” he said.

“On behalf of the harvesters of my district and across the province, I ask the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, what has he planned to assist the industry in the coming year?”

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