Corner Brook meeting with education and labour groups

NDP MHA Dale Kirby (St. John’s North) is in Corner Brook today, meeting with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper workers. Kirby will also be meeting with students at the local college and university campuses.

"In the fall election campaign the current government chose the slogan 'New Energy'. Workers at Corner Brook Pulp and Paper need to see some of that energy focused on saving their livelihoods and good long-term jobs at the mill," sais Kirby. "We have heard too little from local government MHAs on this."

“Labour issues are a growing concern for more and more people in this province,” says Kirby. “The Minister of Labour needs to get out and meet the individuals involved in these disputes. I went to the rally yesterday at the Corner Brook Fire Department to hear people’s concerns first hand. The minister needs to start showing some leadership. Right now he is not living up to his responsibilities.”

Kirby is also pleased to be meeting with College of the North Atlantic and Memorial University students while he is visiting Corner Brook. He continues to call on the Dunderdale government to honour its election promises to students and follow through on its pledge to replace provincial student loans with up-front needs-based grants.

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