Christopher Mitchelmore, the NDP MHA for The Straits-White Bay North, joined the Grenfell Memorial Consumers’ Co-op today to celebrate 100 years of success. The co-op is the oldest consumer co-operative in Newfoundland and Labrador, and one of the oldest in the country.


MR. SPEAKER: Order, please!

The Member for The Straits – White Bay North.

MR. MITCHELMORE: Mr. Speaker, government should be ashamed about their continued mismanagement of people’s money.


NDP Fisheries and Aquaculture critic Christopher Mitchelmore (MHA The Straits - White Bay North) says he is glad to see the Minister of Fishers and Aquaculture living up to his responsibilities for the resources owned by the people of the province by denying Ocean Choice International (OCI) exemptions to redfish and yellowtail processing commitments.


NDP Fisheries Critic Christopher Mitchelmore (The Straits-White Bay North) today challenged the provincial Conservative government to get creative in how it administers the fishery.


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