NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael

Questions continue to swirl around the way the Liberal government is handling Muskrat Falls and the deal with Nova Scotia utility company Emera, particularly the lack of transparency being displayed. NDP MHAs asked some of those questions today in the House of Assembly.

NDP St. John's Centre MHA Gerry Rogers

Members of the NDP Caucus were looking for answers from government on Muskrat Falls today in the House of Assembly, sparked by the Premier’s statement last week that electrical bills will double for residents of the province in three years.

“That means people now paying $300 a month will be facing a staggering $600 for their power bill,” said St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers.


Michael says not setting deadline is wisest Muskrat Falls decision to date

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael says the decision of Emera and Nalcor to not set a firm deadline on deadline for their terms sheet agreement is “the wisest decision they’ve made to date.”


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