Food security

NDP Education Critic Lorraine Michael (MHA, St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi) says government’s apparent inability to gauge the effects of its actions will have a catastrophic impact on students served by the School Lunch Program this fall.

“All decisions have a ripple effect, or in the case of the School Lunch Program, it could be a tsunami,” Michael said in the House of Assembly.

NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael

Residents of the province are already facing an increase in the price of necessities such as food, says NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, St. John’s East-Quidi VIdi), and if a Federal Court action launched by Oceanex is successful, prices will increase even more.

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

As December approaches, says NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) goodhearted Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are once again being urged to participate in food drives to help replenish the stocks of provincial food banks.

NDP Forestry & Agrifoods Critic Christopher Mitchelmore

NDP Forestry and Agrifoods critic Christopher Mitchelmore (MHA, The Straits-White Bay North) says today, World Food Day, is an occasion to celebrate the growth of agriculture in our province. He adds he would have liked to see some public acknowledgement by government of the importance of food security as a growing concern.


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