gas tax

NDP Parliamentary Leader Lorraine Michael

As the House of Assembly convened for the first time since Budget Day, NDP caucus members questioned the Conservatives’ shifting views on fair taxation – cutting taxes for those with higher incomes when times are good, and making everyone pay when times are not.

NDP Transportation & Works critic George Murphy

NDP Transportation and Works critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) says government continues to neglect the province’s roads and bridges while collecting record amounts of taxes on gasoline.

NDP Works, Services and Transportation Critic George Murphy

NDP Works, Services & Transportation critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) is baffled by government’s decision to cut road maintenance in the province in the face of increased revenues from fuel taxes.


MR. SPEAKER: The Leader of the Third Party.

MS MICHAEL: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.


NDP Municipal Affairs Critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) is backing the call for the province to enter into a new fiscal arrangement with municipalities.


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