Residential Tenancies review way overdue: Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Housing Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) wants to know what has happened to a review of the province’s Residential Tenancies Act. The review wrapped up public hearings and submissions more than nine months ago.

News reports from last November indicted changes to legislation would be brought to the House of Assembly in the spring session, which closed in May without any mention of landlord-tenant legislation. In March of this year, the Service NL minister told the House of Assembly the review would be released “in the near future.”

There has been no word since then except for an undated “What We Heard” document on the Service NL website.

“I simply cannot understand why government would be dragging its heels on this relatively straightforward issue,” Rogers said today. “The Residential Tenancies Act is way overdue for this re-examination. Government received thoughtful and considered recommendations from many different parties and it is shameful to allow them to languish somewhere on a shelf.”

The Office of the Citizens Representative filed a 15-page document outlining recommendations on everything from group evictions to damage deposits.

“What’s the hold-up?” Rogers asked. “Why would Service NL even bother asking for peoples’ opinions if the minister isn’t going to make the changes to the act?

“A lot of individuals and groups put a great deal of thought and time into their presentations. Would an updated Residential Tenancies Act completely solve the housing crisis? Maybe not, but it would help in some specific problem areas. The minister should immediately tell us whether he plans to introduce this legislation in the fall session.”

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